Community Service Learning course to be offered Winter 2016

WMST 501.XX – Feminist Approaches to Community Service Learning

Application deadline extended to December 11th

Prerequisites: WMST 201 + 1.0 additional HCE in gender- or sexuality-related courses (flexible)

If you are involved in volunteer service with a clear gender and/or sexuality component, you can apply to enroll in a Community Service Learning course taught by Dr. Rebecca Sullivan. You will be expected to find your own volunteer practicum and engage in 20-24 hours of volunteer work over the course of the Winter 2016 semester, to perform readings related to community service learning, and to engage in a feminist/queer analysis of the student’s own practicum.

The course will meet five times throughout the Winter 2016 semester, and all meetings are mandatory. The meetings will be held between 2-4:45 PM on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, January 19
  • Tuesday, February 9
  • Tuesday, March 1
  • Tuesday, March 22
  • Tuesday, April 12

Students interested in enrolling in this course should email an application to Dr. Sullivan at by December 11, 2015. The course will be capped at 15 students, with priority given to students who are within two years of graduation. This course will also be offered in the 2016-2017 academic year for students who are unable to take it in Winter 2015. Student applications must include the following information:

  • An outline of your community work
  • The organization with which you will be associated
  • The name of your supervisor (or, if operating in a collective/non-hierarchical structure, the names of two peers who can vouch for you)
  • A description of your activities within the organization
  • The timeframe in which you will be volunteering

Applications must not be any longer than 300 words; longer applications will be discarded.

Students may retroactively use an existing volunteer position, provided that the student has engaged/engages in 20-24 volunteer hours between September 8, 2015 and April 12, 2016, and can arrange for supervisory feedback.

Administrative note: Approved students will be enrolled in the course automatically. The course is not currently listed Student Centre but will eventually be listed as WMST 501.XX – Directed Reading.