Special General Meeting and By-Elections

We are holding a special general meeting on Friday, October 13th from 2-3pm in the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) Library.

The meeting will include a by-election. Positions are non-competitive, meaning there can be multiple people in any given position. If you are interested in running, please email wsfcalgary@gmail.com!

Anyone with a paid membership is eligible to vote in the election. Memberships will be available for sale at the meeting (membership fees are by donation: minimum $1, suggested $5).

If you can not attend this meeting but would still like to vote, you can choose a proxy: a member who will be attending. You must inform the Chief Elections Officer of your proxy at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. Clare, our VP Education and Activism for 2017/2018 will act as the Chief Elections Officer.

For detailed descriptions of by-elections, proxies, executive positions, etc., please check out the club constitution.

You can find the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) on the 4th floor of MacEwan Student Centre, above the Wellness Centre and the Last Defense Lounge. The WRC Library is room MSC 484 in the University’s Interactive Room Finder.