Contact Hours (Trial Run)

We’re trying something new this term! Starting on November 17th the WSF will have executives available for questions, comments, or conversation for two hours each Friday.

Possible topics include:
• The goals and ethos of the club
• Upcoming and past club events
• Volunteer opportunities with the WSF
• Navigating a Women’s Studies major, minor or honours
• Campus activism
• Women’s studies course material
• Feminist topics in academia and/or popular culture

Please keep in mind that our executive team is made up of students from different majors, with different tenures in the WSF, and with different strengths, skills and training. This is also a new initiative that may take some trial and error to perfect. That said, our team represents a significant pool of capabilities, contacts, and resources and for questions any one of us cannot answer we’ll be happy to refer to another executive, a member of faculty, or another resource, as needed.

These contact hours will take place before and after the weekly executive meeting, which is held in the WRC library from 12pm to 1pm. Don’t forget, the executive meetings are open to anyone! You can sit in and observe, or weigh in on the items on the agenda. Club members can also contact the club by email or Facebook message to ask for a topic to be added to the agenda (scheduling is at the prerogative of the VP Internal).

See you soon!

Contact Hours – Fall 2017

11:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Every Friday from November 17th to December 8th
Women’s Resource Centre (MSC 483)