Mission and Vision

The Women’s Studies and Feminist Club is a Student’s Union-sanctioned, intersectional feminist club at the University of Calgary. Our mission is to promote and advocate for the U of C’s Women’s Studies program, and to foster a feminist community on and around the U of C campus. We do this by hosting a variety of events, speakers, and discussions throughout the year, as well as by providing resources and a public voice to students enrolled in Women’s Studies major, minors and courses.

Our mission is to Foster an active, inclusive, participatory, equitable, and compassionate feminist-centric community that includes students, faculty, staff, and community members from a cross-section of various positions and identities, while also strengthening representation of the Women’s Studies program at the U of C.

Our Mandate

The Women’s Studies and Feminist Club must, in all actions, strive towards one or more of the following goals:

  1. Facilitate and foster a feminist community.
  2. Contribute new facets to the health and vitality of the Women’s Studies program at the University of Calgary.
  3. Explore the place of activism in Women’s Studies and feminist communities by welcoming, fostering, promoting, enacting, and/or documenting diverse actions.
  4. Support pride in Women’s Studies and feminism through relationship-building, action, celebration, documentation, education, storytelling, scholarship, outreach, activism training, and other means.
  5. Hold, first and foremost, both its mandate and values as the guiding principles for all action.

Our Values

  1. Diversity
  2. Intersectionality
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Empathy and external sympathy
  5. Holistic learning environment
  6. Transparency
  7. Non-hierarchical organization

For a more in-depth discussion of our mandate and values, check out the WSF Constitution.