Past Events

Some famous and favourite past events! 


Rage Nights have been a WSF tradition since the early days! Typically held in the Last Defence Lounge on a Friday night, they’re a great chance to meet and socialize with other feminists, and to get to know the club’s executive team. Entrance is free, but don’t forget tax and tip when you settle your bill! You can also look forward to a variety of fun games with a special feminist spin!

Meet and Greet

A nice way to wrap up a Clubs Week, Meet and Greets are usually held in a classroom or conference room, and include pizza, pop, and icebreakers! Learn more about the club, become a member and/or join our mailing list, and find out more about the team’s plans for the coming term.

Porn and Pints

A wildly successful event first held in our 2016/2017 year, Porn and Pints is a discussion based event held in a casual bar setting. Past topics have included: porn production, historical and contemporary laws regarding pornography, pornography in and out of the Canadian context, consent, feminist porn, ethical porn consumption, and so much more! Panelists to date have included: Rebecca Sullivan, Tiffany Sostar, James Demers, Alan McKee, Léa Santana, and Jenna Nakamura.


A film series held in cooperation with two other campus clubs: The Kula Ring, and Queers on Campus. In Winter 2017 we focused on films documenting queer history: Paris is Burning, Before Stonewall, and After Stonewall.

Activist Volunteer Training

So many issues call for our attention as activists, and it can sometimes be hard to know where and how to start.  Our training workshops, headed up by our VP Education and Activism, are designed to help. In particular, our Pro-Choice Volunteer Training offers an overview of the history and current laws around abortion, tips and advice based on our counter protesting experience of the University of Calgary, and finish off with some hands-on poster making!

Executive Meetings

The Executive typically meets weekly during the fall and winter terms, and monthly throughout the summer. This is where the business of running the club is undertaken, and club members are welcome to attend and see the internal operations of the club for themselves. In particular, members interested in getting more involved with the club might find it beneficial to check out an Exec Meeting or three!

General, and Special General Meetings

General Meetings and Special General Meetings are called to elect new Executives and to discuss and vote on major club decisions, such as amendments to the club constitution. At least one General Meeting will be held each year in the early spring to elect an incoming Executive Team. A Special General Meeting might be called if a by-election, constitutional amendments, or other discussions come up throughout the year. Members are invited to attend, to vote, and to run for executive positions, if they so desire.