Executive Positions

Descriptions of the executive positions within the club.

Thinking of running? Read through the position descriptions and email us at wsfcalgary@gmail.com with any questions!

Executives are elected using a consensus decision-making process, with terms running from May 1st to April 30th. All executives are responsible for making a minimum commitment of three hours per week to the club, including meetings and events. Executives are also required to attend all meetings and at least one-third of all club events over the academic year. Traditionally, positions have often been non-competitive (meaning multiple individuals can hold a particular position), and executives are expected to work collaboratively to ensure team members feel equally supported in fulfilling their club roles. The Women’s Studies and Feminist Club is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based organization that values the input and ideas of each member; this spirit applies to the executive positions within our team.

For more detailed descriptions of executive positions and requirements, check out the club constitution.

VP Academic

The VP Academic is the club’s primary liaison to the Women’s Studies Program and works with professors and administration to advocate for the program. They also provide academic support to students in relation to Women’s Studies courses or programs. The VP Academic is knowledgeable about the structure of the Women’s Studies Program, as well as gender and sexuality-related resources on and off campus, and is able to foster connections between students, Women’s Studies faculty, and alumni.

VP Communications

The VP Communications coordinates outreach and promotion for the club’s events and initiatives, through maintenance of the website, social media accounts,  and classroom presentations. They are also responsible for the creation of promotional materials, including club’s displays. The VP Communications is able to use programs such as WordPress, Adobe Suite, Canva and Hootsuite, and finds new opportunities for creative promotion of the club.

VP Events

The VP Events is responsible for coordinating set-up, bookings, funding and transportation for club events. The VP Events also spearheads the creation of the events calendar for the academic year and coordinates with members, other clubs and organizations in order to create new events. They are knowledgeable of event-booking systems through OrgSync and the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre and are able to accommodate childcare, accessibility, gender-inclusive washrooms and other needs in order to ensure all events are fully inclusive.

VP Finance

The VP Finance maintains the club’s bank account and budget and is primarily responsible for planning and execution of fundraising initiatives. They keep clear and organized financial records and have knowledge of scholarships and awards available to clubs, as well as the insurance and reporting requirements of SU Clubs.

VP Internal

The VP Internal is responsible for ensuring a positive and organized team environment among the executives and acts as the point-person for all executives. Their duties include organizing executive meetings, completing the Final Report, and maintenance of Co-Curricular Records. They are comfortable checking in with all executives, facilitating conflict resolution, and coordinate team building and professional development initiatives for the executive team.

VP Student Engagement

The VP Student Engagement acts as the first point of contact for club members and non-members, through answering questions, connecting them with other executives, or supporting their projects, events or initiatives as they relate to the club’s mandate. They also facilitate collaboration with other clubs on campus, maintain the membership list and email newsletter, and are primarily responsible for recruitment of project managers and executives.

VP Education & Activism

The VP Education & Activism coordinates the club’s hands-on activism on a range of intersectional issues including pro-choice topics, homophobia, sexism, and more. This includes training and education events for prospective activist volunteers and organizing counter-protests, demonstrations and community events. The VP Education and Activism is able to liaise with students, other clubs and activist organizations, university administration, campus security and other relevant groups.

Project Manager

Project Managers are volunteers with the Women’s Studies and Feminist Club, who are appointed by the executive team and can receive recognition on their Co-Curricular Record. They may take on a specific project with the support of the executive team, such as events, discussions or campaigns.